Here are a few comments from readers of Fifty Shades of Grace. If you’d like to share a comment, just fill out the comment form at the bottom of this page!

  • “A gripping story—a page turner for sure!” R.E.
  • “Truthful and compelling. I wanted to cry and hold him and tell him everything would be all right (and sometimes box his little ears!)” J.T.
  • “It hooks you immediately.” K.S.
  • “Engaging, interesting—and significant.” G.P.
  • “Excellent! Not overly graphic, but very personal. ” D.M.
  • “A fascinating story—I think more than one wife will nudge her husband and say, ‘Here. Read this.’” B.B. 
  • “I don’t think I could be so open and honest. That’s probably why it is so riveting.” J.L.
  • “A story that all of us can relate to.” A.L.

And here are a few more detailed comments to help you determine if this is a book for you…

“I have been very touched by what you have written. You should change nothing. It is truthful and very compelling. I believe with all my heart this book needs to be said. It’s not a “sex” book, it’s about a little boy who’s lost and just wants to be loved, trying to find his way and not knowing where to go or what to look for. It is so well written and such a story of your struggles I can’t stop reading. Wow!!! Just Wow!!! Crying. Laughing. Crying again. Smiling. Someone said it was graphic? Do they live under a rock? The Bible is more graphic. Please go forward. I think it’s very important for your story to be read and told.” 

“I just finished reading your EXCELLENT book.  I pray that it will have a wide circulation because I believe it will help many people.  First, those who struggle with same sex attraction.  Second, those who struggle to understand people with same sex attraction.  Third, it’s a great love story.  It offers real hope.  Thanks for sharing it with me.  I look forward to sharing it with others.  Blessings! (Can I share it with a man who struggles in this area?)” 

“I had planned to read your book, but my husband warned me that it may not be right for me. When he read a few of the scenes to me, I agreed. You see, I am very sensitive to sexual content.  It just seems to effect me more deeply than it does for others.  Stuff that may cause some people to say, “Wow,” would break my heart.  He also explained to me that the whole book isn’t like that and that there is a ton of really amazing stuff in there about you finding God and your journey to following Him.  I’m sure it is an amazing book, but I know I couldn’t handle all the sexual stuff.” 

“Reading your story is like being invited into a very personal place.  It touches on many levels but in reading it would be impossible to remain untouched. Truly a love story of exploration, passion, and growing up physically and spiritually. I now have an understanding of a world that could only be a mystery to me before and I thank you for that. Most definitely a love story and I wonder if any other has investigated one from so many angles. I can’t imagine the story being any more timely either with the recent Supreme Court decision.  Yours is a much fairer assessment of the issues as being qualified to honestly and competently address them. Also… I related to the story. Although homosexuality is at the core, it is much more universal than that.The story revolves around the coming of age we all must experience. I think it’s a tender, well written Love Story, and I think your handling of the story would soothe rather than incite the Christian soul.”

“I was totally drawn into your life’s story and could really feel the emotions that you expressed as I was reading.  I love the honesty and transparency and the level of detail in your story. I believe this will give hope to many that feel hopelessly locked into some predetermined unchangeable path in life.” 

“I don’t think you’ve gone too far. You can only impact people’s lives to the degree you are willing to be real and meet them where they are. You’ve opened the door for people who might never hear this message otherwise. I think you have a window by which you can win people’s hearts rather than widen the divide. Your message is: ‘I had something good, but there was something better.’” 

For even more detailed comments from nearly 100 readers who previewed this book before it was published, please visit Beta-Reader Reviews. (SPOILER ALERT!!! The detailed comments from beta-readers may give away major plot points in the story! If you haven’t read the book and would rather be surprised as you read along, don’t read the detailed comments!)

5 thoughts on “Comments

  1. I just finished this book. Normally it takes weeks for me to finish a book. If you don’t catch my attention in the first paragraph then I don’t finish the book. I finished this book in two days. Luckily I started it on Friday (on my day off). I liked the book because it talks about what a marriage looks like when God is in it. How a man and a woman grows in intimacy with God in the center. How you and your wife prayed together, read the bible together, commune with God in every aspect of your life together. What true forgiveness and grace looks like in a relationship.

  2. I wasn’t sure I would want to read this book because of the subject matter. I’m so glad I didn’t let that stop me. This story is amazing. Thank you Nick for your honesty and for continuing in your ministry. You may never know (in this life) all the lives you have touched for the Glory of God, but I am one.

  3. Just finished the book. A raw and honest story of love that God planned from the beginning. So hard to read the words of her diagnosis, knowing her personally. But, so very happy to read of the grace and beauty that surrounded this couple. Thank you Nicholas!

  4. The book arrived this afternoon. I just read it cover to cover. It is a great love story! I was totally drawn in. It is amazing the role God has played in your life.


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